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E-commerce Project Manager


From November 2016 to March 2018, it took 1 year and a half for this project to be launched. It was a challenging and incredibly hard teamwork to make sure all of the people involved were committed and knew the impact that this would take for the brands ELLUS, ELLUS KIDS and 2ndFloor. Step by step:

  • Research: find a great benchmark for the project;

  • Digital Identity: what should change and what has to stay

  • E-commerce Web Design: how to redesign a new digital personality without mistaking the brand identity.

  • Functionality: create the best consumer experience;

  • Creative Strategy: how to launch without scaring consumers with all the new e-commerce platform changes and boost sales.

Mobile screen version:

Mobile screen version:

Instagram @ellusjeansdeluxe


Content Development 


A success content is due to a very well told storytelling and clear communication, especially visual as we are part of  the times where "an image is worth a thousand words". My job was to make the Social Media relevant and fix the brand identity online. 

  • In charge of the strategies and management of all the owned digital channels: Site, Instagram, Facebook and Blog;

  • Understand the difference between who do you want to communicate and who you are really talking to;

  • Online content production workflow management: leading the process of designers, copywriters, web- developers work. Teamwork is the key: working together with the teams to elaborate: what to talk about, how to show and why is relevant;

  • The content has to be adapted, what works for Instagram it is not what will always work for Facebook or other; 

  • Instagram page @ellusjeansdeluxe had 119k organic growth from 2016 to 2017.

Digital Strategist 

creating brand awareness TO PROMOTE ELLUS 45th ANNIVERSARY. 

  • Real time count down: in the main banner of the site ELLUS.COM
  • Hotsite for the 45 years Special Collection: The site went online one week before the event with a countdown and just right after the show, all the clothes were available to shop.
  • Social Media Coverage of the Show (Facebook, Instagram e Twitter): On time coverage from the backstage area.
  • Live product online display: In the products page of the hotsite, you could see the model moving to see better the balance of the clothes. The videos of the live online displays were made with two of the same models that would walk in the show.
  • Live Footage: Consumers and prospects could watch the runway show through Facebook Live, Instagram Live and at; 
Image of the countdown for the Runway Show celebrating Ellus 45 years, displayed on

Image of the countdown for the Runway Show celebrating Ellus 45 years, displayed on

One of the 42 stores of Ellus 


Customer Relationship Management

Building relations in 2018 

  • CRM Strategist: Planning, execution and measurement;
  • Responsible for the marketing actions aiming customer loyalty; 
  • Point of contact of the retail supervisors, managers and retail team to align business and marketing strategies for all the owned stores and franchises;
  • Training: responsible for training the 41 owned stores’s staff on how to deal with customer relationship management to transform into faithful clients.
  • Quantitative and qualitative branding perception surveys with the stores staffs about the consumers perceptions to develop action plans based on the insights improving the shopper experience.

Fashion Week Shows

Converging offline events to online engagement

  • Part of the marketing team for 7 runway shows, 4 for ELLUS and 3 for 2NDFLOOR;
  • Planning and execution of digital strategies, involving all online channels, for the runway shows at Sao Paulo Fashion Week;
  • Responsible for the backstage coverage on Social Media;
  • KPIs monitoring, analysis and development of actions plans to boost sales post show;
  • Control of the return of media within social networks and digital influencers to understand the impact of the show in the online market.


Backstage Ellus Runway Show at São Paulo Fashion Week

Backstage Ellus Runway Show at São Paulo Fashion Week


"My understanding in different areas and knowledge of the various processes, is essential to give me an overview of the whole chain, with the goal of building communication bridges of communication between teams, creating more effective strategies.

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