So, this week question is: “How we define the next step?”
And when I think about this, there is a person that pops in my head immediately: Sophia Amoruso
I hate that people are criticizing her non-stop since she filed for bankruptcy almost 2 years ago. “How come a best-selling author wrote a book about how to succeed and now filed for bankruptcy?”

Oh, let me think, Elon Musk filed for bankruptcy in 3 companies, Steve Jobs filled bankruptcy for Apple in the beginning, most the big heads of the world today have already had a company that got filled for bankruptcy. So why is she a problem? I’m sorry but that doesn’t make her unsuccessful, she still has millions, she still best selling author on the NYT for 20 weeks straight, she still a person who had no education and managed herself to build an empire. Does it have to do with the MAIN fact that she is a woman and had no education? OF COURSE. But did it work it? Yes, it did. The point is that wasn’t working anymore and she was a very brave person to recognize that and say: I’m sorry, I failed and it’s not working anymore.

If you google it, you will find the main articles:
NYT: Nasty Gal path to bankruptcy
LA Times: once a fashion world darling, is now bankrupt. What went wrong?
Vanity Fair: What comes after scandal and scathing reviews? (REMEMBER THIS)
The Telegraph: The rise and fall of Sophia Amoruso

Imagine you reading all these articles about yourself, how would that make you feel?
I really have no idea how I would react to this. I’ve watched I, Tonya yesterday and it’s really interesting when she says: “America. They want someone to love, but they want someone to hate” and isn’t true? The globalization has it's down pointing too. Why is today is all about Kaia Gerber and not about Kendall Jenner anymore? To be in the spotlight must be so hard and complicated that fucks up with your mind. How did she define what her next step should be? How to recover when you failed in the public eye? After a year in a row and being really smashed on the public eye, she is back since the beginning of last year with a whole new company, chose to keep the same name of the book that made her from star to shame GIRLBOSS, but with a completed reformulated concept for the new company. GIRLBOSS is now a website community that focuses on content about redefining success.

And do you remember the Vanity Fair article? Sophia is such a badass that she posted this a week ago and when I saw, I thought “this is brilliant”, got very very very much inspired. Isn’t it an inspiring story about how do we define our next step? Well, I thought it was worth sharing with you. Think about it.

Since my rebirth and “new” beginning here in Stockholm, the
thoughts that most come to my mind are “define yourself”, “where to go next” and “how do I achieve”. And my problem is that I don’t come to agree with my emotional x my rational side.
One wants stability, you know you are good, go there and show them even if it’s not your dream job. And the other is always telling me “if not now, when?”. However, how long can you continue on pushing this?