I describe myself as a brave woman, who is always searching to learn, grow and break barriers. As part of my curiosity, comes my fascination with human behavior that it is attached to fashion, because how you present yourself to the world is behaviorism.

Before the status, fashion is about self-expression.

And today, to understand consumer behavior and track new trends, you have to be connected. The online world brought the opportunity for me to go deep in these interests, with the rise of data. Data science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights, that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Yet, analysis of different persons behave and trend watching.  

So, nice to meet you. I am digital business woman although not necessarily in an obvious way.



Marina Marques is a digital marketing consultant with diversified background experiences that converge offline and online worlds, which includes creating innovative social media content,  building CRM (Customer Relationship Management), identifying new market trends, branding, and development of creative strategies with a deep focus on the digital market.

Born and raised in Marilia, a small town of São Paulo's State in Brazil, started to be brave and explore the world with 16 years old when lived in Brighton (England) to study the last year of high school connecting with a new culture and improving her English. After coming back come in 2007, moved to São Paulo,  where she studied Marketing & Communication at ESPM (renowned Brazilian university),  started her career in the fashion and digital industry and lived for 10 years with her sister.

In the begging of this year, 2018, she decided to take another big turned over in her life by moving to Stockholm with her boyfriend, an opportunity that knocked on her door and she could not say no.